Broadcast Prime

Placement assistance broadcast prime course in Salt Lake

Broadcast Prime is a comprehensive program that educates you on all aspects of channel packaging and leaves you ready to work. The course focuses on digital communication design in the film, television, and digital media industries. One of the best animation institutes in the world Arena Animation provides this course at a low cost yet with high quality. You will be taught about Entertainment and Broadcast Media and how they operate. We are a VFX and Animation academy, apart from Broadcast Prime we also offer 2d and 3d animation courses. We offer one of the world's best training.

You will be able to land a job at great companies after you finish this course.

  • Everything about broadcasting is covered in this course
  • The certificate is invaluable
  • It is an extremely rigorous and in-depth course
  • You will land a job after completing this course.

Time Period: 6-12 months (flexible)
Program Duration: 542 hrs
Eligibility: 10+2

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